How to get funded

1 Easy to Watch Video Explains


If you are doing everything right, many business can be started without external funding. The same tenacity and commitment it takes to get a business launched and successful are the same qualities an Angel expects out of the gate. There are some sound reasons to reaching out. One being not starting out under-funded. It is the best reason I can think of. The other is the experience you get with a funding partner.

Suggested: "Must Have" List

Before you take your plan to any Angel, be sure to get organized and have these answers pre-loaded.
  • Have they got capital from "friend and familly"
  • How much of their own capital have they put into the venture
  • How commited are they? How much work are they putting into it now?
  • Need a 1 sentence summary of what you are doing.
  • Need a link to what you are doing, screenshot, something quick and dirty
  • Eg: webpage, mock up design, how it will work, how it will look, whatever

More Videos

These somewhat sobering videos give you another glance at how investors think. While it is hard not to be the most excited guy in the room, I get that, they know all the bad things that can happen.

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