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Gregory Way

Comory Systems
Phone: 623-209-9128

Greg is a serial entrepreneur / developer looking for a agile-dev team role in a Web-UI based project as Full Stack developer or UI specialist. Specifically ASP.NET MVC with jQuery UI.
Altenatively/possibly utilizing a modern framework (Angular 6) - if a well planned need for multi-device native support is indeed the plan.
Preferably with a well organized startup, but keeping options open.

That said, the rest of this site is just whatever I decide to put up here at my whim. My passion for helping other entreprenuers will probably be the main focus.

I made a free Invoice Web App for you entreprenuers out there just gettin' started. You fill it out and click build. It takes screen shot ( no matter how long the page) and puts it in your screenshots. Building a Quote? Quote Maker.
Desktop users right click and save image.

Getting a business funded, the basics. Think "TEAM".