We offer a unique blend of modern technology that empowers your business to better connect and communicate with your customers.

Starting from our Web Portal service you can do some amazing things and some basics like customer management. A Web Portal is a place for individual customers to go so they may interact with your business.

By integrating our Web Push Notifications you will have lightning fast connection directly to your customer. Would you like the ability to avoid the lost time and expense of an outbound phone call or an email that might not be looked at for days?

By combining these resources and more (email and business texting) we provide your business the best solutions to customer engagement.

To top it all off, the "remind me" button, if placed on your website, can actually improve your chances of getting new customers.

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Comory Systems

For the business that think out of the box is a business that writes code to make those ideas come to life.

Comory Systems