Add eCommerce to your Website or Blog

How it Works

  • Your website is given a unique code that tells our system that the request comes from your website
  • We build custom matching pages using your theme to guide us, or the system will default to our style.
  • When you advertise a product or service on your website it can be bought by clicking on the item which adds it to your websites' virtual shopping cart
  • We provide tax and shipping calculators and order summary with our checkout module
  • Your customers can pay with their paypal or credit card.

Add components like signup, registration, login, dashboard, ecommerce, to your website without changing services.

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Examples In Our Theme

These can change to your theme and brand (your theme)
We do it for you (our code)


Provide your customers with Dashboard login

Login Example

Sell Items online (BUYNOW)

Offer quick purchase of items.


Mini-Cart Shopping

Back-end Shipping and Tax, add item add item with quantity

Add to Cart

Ever Popular Show Cart

First phase of checkout, see shipping and tax before you signup. Cuts down cart abandonment.


Signup Page

Provide a signup page

Signup Example

Full Registration

Get a complete customer profile. These are just the most common.

Full Registration

Custom Contact

Custom designed contact page, get a text message or email or both.

Example Contact

PayPal and Credit Card

Customers Pay with Paypal or Credit Card


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